I am Steve, a Business Consultant based in Berlin, specialising in cloud ecosystems and strategic design for information technology.
The focus of my work is to help customers across all industries identify opportunities for innovation and act upon them.



Take action and design your future! Generate visions that are stunning, unexpected and elegant by applying design methods and skills in ambiguous, unfamiliar, and complex environments. Strategic Design will reveal your options in clearly arranged systems and with unity, but allow for necessary diversity. These values are balanced against a pragmatic idea of the end result.


Gain valuable insights about a challenge by researching and capturing data, analyzing and contemplating the findings, documenting all that is known about the problem space, reframing the problem in different ways, and making decisions based on that information. Modeling and Prototyping will align multiple solution designs and make it work as an integrated system.


Creating enterprise-class information architectures encompasses different steps of analyzing, designing, prototyping, and introducing new and evolved use cases and business models, with a focus on achieving viability. Understanding the plethora of tools and techniques at your disposal, and how to apply them efficiently, is pivotal for overall project success. Team up with an experienced expert today!


The project teams passion, aptitude and readiness is key. Take the team to next level: transitioning from readiness to competence, recognising that the individual’s ability to be flexible and to collaborate effectively are intrinsic to project success. Through education, team members learn to embrace a mindset that promotes the development of a shared vision of the desired outcome.
Design Thinking
Executive Guidance
Service Design & Innovation
SharePoint Governance
SharePoint Implementation Strategy Design
SharePoint Readiness Assessment
SharePoint Service Delivery
Skill & Competency Management
User-centered Design
Balanced Scrorecard
Business Analysis
Feasability Study
Gap Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis
Strategy Analysis
Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps
Change Management
Information Management
Project Management
Requirements Management
Service Management
SharePoint Delivery Programme Management
Information Architecture
Infrastructure Design
SharePoint Branding
Solution Architecture & Design
Web Development


Innovators beat ideas

Great ideas don't fly without passionate Innovators pioneering the field.

Data beats opinions

Emperical data is the foundation of rational decision making processes in the enterprise.

Doing beats talking

Action leads to results. Results are progress. Failure is an option, the earlier the better.

Simple beats complex

Minimizing complexities of dynamic systems is always a good call. Scarcity brings clarity.

Great teams are diverse

Members from different professional backgrounds and perspectives add great value to the team.

Great teams share ownership

Successful teams develop a culture of shared problem and solution ownership.

Great teams provide guidance

Experienced members discretely mentor their peers and stakeholders and improve coherence.

Great teams adapt to change

Team members are connected and reach out to involve new experts for fresh ideas.

Good processes drive innovation

Incorporating contemporary practices and common sense will provide opportunities for growth.

Good processes are meaningful

Processes which are meaningful will drive adoption and create tangible value for everyone involved.

Good processes are agile

Processes which adapt to changing realities and scale with growth are fundamental for business agility.

Good processes are lean

Reducing complexity to a minimum means processes are more easy to understand and focus on the vision.



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I provide high quality services and only work where I can create value. To engage my services, discuss your project or organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am always optimizing my approach and collaborating with others to innovate further.